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Sep 21, 2021

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if marriage came with an easy-to-follow instruction manual? But since it doesn’t, most women bumble along trying out relationship advice from the hair salon, well-meaning friends or even strangers at bars. There’s a lot of bad relationship advice floating around disguised as “common sense.” Maybe that’s why so many marriages are falling apart. On today’s episode of The Empowered Wife Podcast we’re talking about 3 Mistakes Wives Make Trying to Get His Time and Attention. I’ll share how to get the consideration you want the way you want it.

My guest Darla’s marriage felt like a cold war mixed with moments of peace. The lack of intimacy was excruciating, but she didn’t know how to break out of it. Then she learned about a secret affair from five years ago, back when she was a new mom. But today she feels like she’s in love! The intimacy is great. Her husband flirts with her and says he feels butterflies when he kisses her. She’s going to tell us exactly how she did it.   

The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week is about how to get your husband to take out the garbage, but this advice should be left at the curb on trash day.