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Jan 23, 2020

Here's what you can do if your husband is the controlling one in the relationship and it’s getting on your very last nerve. I'll show you how to stop a controlling husband.

My guest Morvana had recently escaped a destructive relationship and found the man of her dreams, but was puzzled when some of the same patterns from that previous relationship showed up in her new marriage, which seemed to be deteriorating into lots of fighting and cold wars. Had she picked the wrong man again? She made an unpleasant discovery about herself that broke open the whole mystery and started her on a journey to making her relationship safe, sweet and satisfying again. She’s going to share how she did that.

So many women have tried The Worst Relationship Advice of the Week and it failed to create more connection. I tried it too. Didn’t work. Let's not all make that mistake. Hear all that and more on The Empowered Wife Podcast with Laura Doyle.